The Beer Mate is a convenient stick-style gadget that allows you to create foamy and creamy beer in moments. A frothy and foamy head is regarded as the most refreshing way to enjoy a glass of beer or other alcoholic beverage, and now you can have the just-poured experience every time even with cans and bottles. Just pour a glass and then let this stick foam up your beer.

Using ultrasonic vibrations and fluid technology, this innovative design revives the beer’s head throughout the drinking experience, so you can enjoy freshly poured taste until you’re ready for your next pint. Designed for use with beer but also works with other beverages.

Set of stand and stick
Stick size: 24 x 24 x 236mm
Stand size: 63 x 63 x 116mm
Weight: stick 48g, stand 82g
Power source: 2 AAA batteries
Materials: ABS, stainless steel, PC